A Platform to Help you Share and Monetize Your Strengths
  • Discover and Develop Your Talents
  • Show-Case Your Work Professionally
  • Get New Clients for your Services OR Find a Professional for your Needs
  • Discuss Everything from Your Field With Like-Minded People
  • Create a Name for Yourself

Not sure what it is? Think of it like “Amazon” or “eBay” but for services…

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We believe that talent is what differentiates mediocrity from greatness, and the only way one could truly shine, achieve, and be happy is to build over one’s talents…

Discover and Develop Your Talents

Properly Showcase What You Can

Monetize What You Love

Create Name for Yourself

Be a Part of the Right Community


It doesn’t matter what kind of consultant  – as long as it is a service! Here are some examples:

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • SEO
  • FInance
  • Law
  • Leadership
  • Coaching


Maybe you are an Art person, who is trying to make a living out of his/her art? If this is the case – here are some options:

  • Showcase your designs and find a licensing deal
  • Get people to notice your art and directly buy from you
  • Showcase your craftsmanship and win people’s hearts and minds 
  • Find other creative artists, communicate, exchange experience, work together


A language is a powerful tool! Why not monetize your skills…

  • Tell the world about your experience
  • Find those who need your skills
  • Help people not only with translations but with accommodations abroad and other potential needs directly connected to the language barriers
  • Exercise your languages with other professionals from all over the world


Technology is what makes working from a distance possible… Of course, we will help you tech guys find appliance for your skills:

  • Software Engineers
  • Coders
  • Tech Support
  • Hardware Engineers
  • Designers