Create Company Culture.

Boost Employee Engagement and Satisfaction. Improve Retention.

Finally – The SAAS for your most important resource – PEOPLE!


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A complete solution for the entire employee life-cycle: From the first time they hear about you, to the moment when they recommend it long after you had separated!

Create Culture

Spread your Mission, Vision, Goals and Values and show the world you live by them, hire by them, fire by them.

Boost Engagement

Help your people feel happy and motivated. Challenge them to grow every day and see the results of their work.

Improve Satisfaction

Actually show your people how much valuable are they.  Involve them in  strategic processes and results delivery.

Set the right tone

It doesn’t matter if you have a Chief People Officer with vast resources, Small HR department, or you had outsourced your HR activities – you should always make the best out of your people – after all they are what makes it tick, aren’t they? Aligning them for success means showing them what is important and what do you believe in!

Theory in Practice

Once the world and your people see and understand your Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals, it is super important to actually connect those elements in their minds with the day-to-day processes, so that it is not all theoretical.

Virtoni platform helps you connect in an understandable and easy-to-implement way all the important, existential and strategical  stuff with the execution part.

Rewarding Your People  Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Rewards, Badges and Achievements can not only serve you as a nice way to form your employees compensation models but also can help you boost levels of engagement and satisfaction throughout entire team.

"Your employees will waste their time off-tasks, whether you like it or not. You would probably want them to spend that time in an engaging and satisfying way - keeping them interested in the company culture"

– Nick Markov, Virtoni Founder

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About Us

We believe that People should be happy with their jobs instead of experiencing stress, depression, and need for change due to a poor work environment.

That’s why we use organizational psychology tools, to make professional lives – better!

People spend too much time of their life working. They shouldn’t have to suffer it!

Join Our Network

We created the most easy-to-understand and use social network for companies that care for their employees! And the best part is – there are no ads, spam or any annoying messaging to ruin your teams experience!

Employee Dashboard

Every user will enjoy a very familiar environment, with no need for additional training or any complicated adoption procedures. Just Personal profile, public feed, and a company page. Ah, yes  and a place where they can learn all about the company and the field of your business – if you want to develop them that is 🙂

Events Management

Team-buildings, Group activities, General Conversations, Occasional Celebrations and important holidays. Remember – it is all about making your people happy, engaged, satisfied…

"A positive culture help recruitment efforts, retaining top talent, and building a positive culture, which fosters a sense of employee loyalty. Employees are much more likely to stay with their current employer when they feel they are treated right and enjoy going to work every day."

– Nick Markov, Virtoni Founder

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Who is it for

  • Companies realized that people are their most important resource
  • Businesses interested in better Employee Engagement, Satisfaction, and Retention
  • Leaders that think people should be happy with what they do and proactively try to make it better for everyone


  • Managers, ready to boost their teams to the next level

Big & Medium Companies

"What is the point of having a great product or service and a good sales machine if your team won't make the effort needed to realize them?"

– Nick Markov, Virtoni Founder

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